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Pay for 2, get 1 free: Mechelen boosts tourism with free accommodation

Pay for 2, get 1 free: Mechelen boosts tourism with free accommodation

1000 free nights will be offered by the Flemish city

One free night at a hotel for every 2 booked in Mechelen – that is what the Belgian city offers this summer in an attempt to boost local tourism, heavily affected by the coronavirus lockdowns. A total of 1000 free nights at 30 registered hotels, guest rooms, holiday homes, outdoor recreational areas and holiday accommodations can be claimed during the months of July and August on a first-come-first-served basis.

Mechelen – a destination for more than a day

A promotional campaign in Mechelen, active since the beginning of July, wants to boost the tourism attractiveness of the city even further with interesting bonuses for visitors. To start with, the city will be providing an additional night’s stay for free to every tourist who books 2 nights.

The offer is valid for the first 1,000 persons to claim it and for selected establishments. The municipal authorities have set aside EUR 112,000 for the purpose.

In order to receive the bonus, tourists should make their bookings in one of three ways – through the websites Vlaanderen Vakantieland (Holiday in Flanders) or Weekendesk or by contacting the tourist establishment directly.

On top of the free night, tourists are in for other bonuses. They will also be exempt from accommodation tax and provided with a free stimulus package. With this package, visitors can get acquainted with a handful of local specialities and get discounts on some of the must-see attractions and monuments in Mechelen.

Finally, the bonuses will be accompanied by a communication campaign that highlights the advantages of Mechelen as a destination for several days. The tourist authority reminds that from the city, visitors can take on a culture trip to Museum Hof ​​Van Busleyden and the Saint Rumbold's Cathedral with active tourism such as city golf or cycling trips, ending the day with gastronomy experience in the city.

Mechelen has been on the rise as a tourist destination in recent years but ever since the lockdown was imposed in March 2020, the sector came to a near standstill. With the 2 + 1 booking scheme, the stimulus package and the communication campaign, the City wants to help the sector get back on its feet.



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