St. Pölten is a pilot location for the e-ID project, Source: Martin Koutny / St. Pölten

Pilot project for digital IDs started in St. Pölten

Pilot project for digital IDs started in St. Pölten

The electronic proof of identity offers numerous possibilities for citizens

St. Pölten is one of the selected cities in Austria to take part in a pilot project initiated by the Federal Ministry for Digitisation and Business Location. The Lower Austria state capital would be a test location for the electronic identification document called “ID Austria”. In this way, digital channels to connect to authorities should become easier and safer in the future.

The electronic proof of identity is a further development of the mobile phone signature and citizen card. When citizens apply for a passport in the state capital, they will automatically take part in the pilot project, unless they expressly decline participation.

The electronic ID card offers 200 possible uses. This includes electronic signatures, log-ins for digital applications and dealing with official channels on a computer or smartphone. Citizens also save 40 percent of the application fees.

In the future, ID Austria can also be used to present a digital ID via smartphone. The e-ID offers maximum data security and is available to all citizens free of charge. Austrian citizens over the age of 14 can apply for electronic proof of identity from the passport authority.

From the autumn of 2021, the digital ID will be available in all of Austria

The test phase for issuing the e-ID will end in autumn 2021 and will then be available to all Austrian citizens. By then, at the latest, it will also be possible to register for the e-ID without having to apply for a new passport.

The mobile phone signature will be completely replaced by ID Austria by then. An expansion to the private sector is also planned.

To register and use the ID Austria services, a smartphone with a fingerprint or Face ID and the installation of the “Digitales Amt” or “Handy-Signature” app are required. The documents required for issuing a new passport can be found on the city website. An appointment is required to apply for a new passport including an e-ID.



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