Banning the consumption of alcohol should improve the security in the city

Pilsen bans the consumption of alcohol in several public spaces

Pilsen bans the consumption of alcohol in several public spaces

The new decree came into effect on 1 May

As of 1 May, the Czech City of Pilsen has banned the consumption of alcoholic beverages in several public spaces. The goal of the new decree is to increase the safety of citizens and protect young people. In addition to this, the ban further aims to reduce vandalism as individuals who commit offences against property typically do so whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Beyond this, the ban should also contribute to the creation of a cleaner city as people will no longer litter or throw away empty bottles in Pilsen’s parks and streets. In other words, the decree will improve the overall quality of life in several areas in the municipality.

Where can you no longer consume alcohol in Pilsen?

On its municipal website, the City lists four key areas where people can no longer consume alcohol. The affected localities are parts of the city centre, the Czech Brothers Square, the area around the Luna na Bory Shopping Centre, and the U Ježíška area along the banks of the Radbuza River to the Malostranská Bridge.

To protect children and young people, the decree also prohibits people from consuming alcohol within a 50-metre radius from schools and school facilities as well as public transport platforms. Commenting on the ban, Mayor of Pilsen Pavel Šindelář shared:

“I believe that with the help of this measure, we will be able to ensure order in the given localities and people will feel better there. The goal is not for Pilsen’s residents to not have a beer in their favourite garden, at a concert, or to drink on New Year’s Eve.”

Taking this further, it is important to note that there are several exceptions to the new decree as individuals will still be allowed to consume alcohol in gardens that are part of restaurants, pubs, cafes, and bars. The ban also does not apply to permitted events such as markets and cultural or sporting events.

In 2023, the municipality will evaluate how the ban has impacted life in the city to make any necessary reforms.



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