One of the two green-roofed bus stops, Source: Pilsen City District 1 on Facebook

Pilsen begins installing green roofs on bus stops

Pilsen begins installing green roofs on bus stops

They will reduce the temperature in the city, promote cleaner air, and retain rainwater

In recent years, many European cities have begun to install green roofs on bus stops and buildings. While such installations undoubtedly make the urban space look more attractive, this is not their main purpose. Instead, they help lower the temperature during the summer, promote cleaner air, encourage biodiversity, and retain rainwater. In other words, their main purpose is to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis.

On Monday 8 November, the Czech City of Pilsen proudly shared that it now has green roofs on two of its public transport stops. Located between the roundabouts at the Great Bolevec Pond in the Bílá Hora Railway Station, the bus stops have green roofs that contain a layer of substrate and several types of stonecrops. According to the municipality, these stonecrops have been grown in Czechia and are, therefore, suitable for the local climate.

More green roofs to follow

The Deputy Mayor of Pilsen Michal Vozobul commented on the city’s new addition, noting that it is a way of responding to climate change and the need to retain rainwater. For this reason, Pilsen will soon install green roofs in various other places throughout the city.

Currently, there are several buildings with similar green installations. In particular, the extension of the 20th primary school in Brojova Street and the Hamburg Deck at the main train stations have green roofs that promote cleaner air and biodiversity.

Unveiling one of its future projects, the City of Pilsen shared that it will plant stonecrops along tram tracks in the spring of 2022. In doing so, it will not only improve the appearance of the urban landscape but also reduce the noise and dust created by the trams.

To see pictures of Pilsen’s new green bus stops, view the gallery above.



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