By providing low-income families with computers, Pilsen ensures that no child is left behind

Pilsen donates computers to low-income families to facilitate distance learning

Pilsen donates computers to low-income families to facilitate distance learning

The Czech city has acknowledged that not all parents can afford to provide their children with the necessary technology

Until last year, most pupils did not need access to technology to study and do their homework. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, everything changed. Schools worldwide found themselves searching for ways to ensure that the COVID crisis did not result in gaps in education. Of course, this meant that they turned to modern technology and distance learning.

While this was seen as an effective solution by most, it was not truly so. That is, it failed to factor in the reality that not all families have access to computers. What is more, those who have invested in a computer may not be able to afford more for their children. Acknowledging the significance of this issue, the Czech City of Pilsen decided to donate computers to help low-income families.

Ensuring equal opportunities

Mayor of Pilsen Martin Baxa commented on the city’s decision, explaining that while some parents can buy a computer for their child, they may not be able to do so if they have multiple children. In addition to this, parents themselves have also had to rely on technology as they too were forced to work from home during the pandemic.

For this reason, the municipality has announced that it will now give away dozens of used but fully functional computers to disadvantaged families. To select the children who need support, the city has sought the help of school principals. According to Miroslav Nozar from the City of Pilsen, this action was well received by the principals as they believe this step is crucial for the further development of schoolchildren.

It is important to highlight that this is not the first time that the Czech city has taken concrete actions to support the education of children who come from disadvantaged families. Taking a case in point, it provided 200 first graders from 150 families with backpacks, stationery, watercolours, pencil cases and other school supplies at the beginning of this academic year.

With such actions, the City of Pilsen proves that it is working towards the creation of an equal and just society where no child is left behind.



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