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Pilsen enhances tourism with new audio-visual guide

Pilsen enhances tourism with new audio-visual guide

The SmartGuide mobile application will allow tourists to explore the city at their own pace

On Friday 30 July, Pilsen Municipality announced that tourists can now make use of an interactive audio-visual guide when exploring the Czech city. More specifically, the company SmartGuide and the municipal contributory organisation Pilsen - TURISMUS have collaborated to create a virtual guide with over 40 points of interest and 5 thematic routes.  

Focusing on Pilsen’s rich history

Tourists can learn about the history of the city using the SmartGuide mobile application. Taking a case in point, “The Best of Pilsen” is one of the 5 thematic routes which reportedly explores Pilsen’s history, from its inception to the present day. Taking this further, it narrates and recounts how Pilsen grew and developed over time, eventually earning the European Capital of Culture 2015 title.

With the use of GPS, the mobile application can detect where the user is located and offer information based on their whereabouts. What is more, it can further alert them to nearby landmarks and guide them to other points of interest.

What are the advantages of SmartGuide?

According to the Municipality of Pilsen, travellers can download the virtual guide while they have access to the internet and then use it offline. In other words, they can make full use of the features of SmartGuide while saving their mobile data. This can be especially beneficial for foreign tourists who do not have local SIM cards.

One of the main advantages of SmartGuide is that it gives tourists the freedom to explore the city at their own pace. Therefore, it is ideal for individuals who dislike travelling in large groups or following live tour guides.

Beyond this, the mobile application sends users push notifications to alert them when there are special events, exhibitions, etc. Thus, it ultimately enhances their journey by bringing their attention to things they may have otherwise missed.



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