Pilsen, Czechia

Pilsen invites aspiring entrepreneurs to help improve life in the city

Pilsen invites aspiring entrepreneurs to help improve life in the city

At a weekend event in November, participants can find innovative solutions to residents’ complaints

Next month, the Czech City of Pilsen is hosting Startupuj Plzeň: a weekend event that seeks to awaken to entrepreneurial spirit of the city’s residents. On 12-14 November, aspiring business owners can network with professionals in the field of start-ups and business at the SIT Port Complex in Cukrovarská street.

Learn how to start a business

According to the event’s website, attendees will learn everything they need to know about starting a business and how to ‘get the maximum out of the minimum’. Moreover, they can get acquainted with the principles of Design Thinking. Project Manager Anna Čudáková explained this concept, noting:

“We will work with a method called design thinking. In essence, it is a specific thought process that has five phases, with a new novel solution at the end. The participants will be led by certified lectures Pavel Bartoš and Petr Mandík, founders of, who train design thinking for Google, among other things.”

Find solutions to residents’ complaints

To make the most of the event, its organisers have asked Pilsen’s inhabitants to share their complaints about the West Bohemian metropolis and what they think needs to be improved. Residents can submit a complaint via the website until 11 November, the day before the event.

After this, Startupuj Plzeň’s attendees will have the opportunity to view the complaints and come up with innovative, smart solutions. Once the event is over, the organisers will evaluate the best solutions and help their creators implement them. Mayor of Pilsen Martin Baxa expressed his delight with the upcoming weekend event as he commented:

"We are interested in what bothers Pilsen residents, what they would like to change. I'm glad that events like this are taking place. Many young people have the energy and potential to succeed while contributing to society, all they need to do is give them a chance. I believe that there will be projects that we will hear about soon, which we will be able to put into practice.”

While participating in the event is free, one must register online via the SIT Port website.



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