The Safe Pilsen application, Source: City of Pilsen

Pilsen launches application that alerts residents in the event of a crisis

Pilsen launches application that alerts residents in the event of a crisis

The “Safe Pilsen” application will warn users and give them instructions on how to react

Today, the Czech City of Pilsen launched “Safe Pilsen”: a mobile application designed to keep residents safe and informed in crisis events. Those who download the new application (via Google Play or the App Store) will receive a warning when there is a natural disaster, large-scale fire, gas leak, or any other emergency.

In addition to stating what the crisis is and where it is happening, the notification will also provide users with instructions on how to behave in such an event. By adhering to them, citizens can help the municipality contain the situation without creating complications.

“The city has a number of information channels through which it can alert citizens, if necessary, but we wanted to use modern technology and offer another option. Smartphones and tablets are a matter of course today, we basically always have them with us and thanks to them, we have the opportunity to be informed in a few seconds. And that is exactly the goal of the new application,” explained the mayor of Pilsen Pavel Šindelář.

Created by aspiring entrepreneurs

What makes the application stand out even more is the fact that it was created as part of the Výzvy (Challenges) project, which gives students the opportunity to develop their skills. It follows then that Safe Pilsen was developed by two students, Ondřej Bohatý and Daniel Zábojník.

The young developers commented on the opportunity to create the application, sharing that the municipality gave them absolute freedom to implement the project according to their ideas. Taking this further, the two students also expressed their satisfaction with having created a system that will help their fellow citizens during potential crises.

The City of Pilsen thanked the students by presenting them with financial rewards and giving them recommendations for their work.



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