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Pilsen plots setting up a modern digital warning system

Pilsen plots setting up a modern digital warning system

A project worth millions is expected to considerably enhance the security of the Czech city

Pilsen wants to build a modern digital acoustic warning system that will enhance considerably urban security. A project that is still in the making is projected to cover the territory of the Czech city with detectors and communicate efficiently with the population in the event of an emergency.

Efficient communication is crucial in the events of emergency

The City Council of Pilsen approved the preparation and submission of a subsidy application worth millions and meant for the establishment of a modern warning system. The future project wants to connect four districts of Pilsen (Valcha area, then Litice, Radčice and Malesice) using a total of 218 detectors and by elaborating flood plans for the respective areas.

The project of the Warning Information System of the Population in Pilsen wants to establish a comprehensive system capable of resolving the security policy issues of the city with effective tools and thereby improve the safety of the population and protect their health and property.

Thanks to such a system, the capacity of the crisis authorities will increase, thus reducing the delay for the transmission of emergency information to the population in the event of an emergency, the Municipality believes. The system will be used mainly to warn and inform the population against imminent dangers, but also when carrying out evacuation from floods and emergency planning zones of buildings.

The system will also enable connection to the LORA internet network operated by the city, which ensures the collection of data from the given locality, such as noise or environmental factors.

If the project application is successful, it will receive funding up to 70% of the total expenditure under the Operational Program Environment. The implementation costs are estimated at CZK 10.65 million (over 407 000 euros), including VAT, hence the subsidy would correspond to the amount of CZK 7.45 million.

Should funding be granted, the implementation will last until 2022.

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