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Pilsen’s kindergartners to communicate with parents using modern app

Pilsen’s kindergartners to communicate with parents using modern app

The outbreak of COVID stressed the importance of real-time communication

On 26 October, the Czech City of Pilsen announced its latest application of modern technology in everyday life. That is, it shared that its kindergartens will soon employ Digiškolka: an app that facilitates communication between parents and children.

Bohuslav Horais, Director of the User Support Department of the City’s Information Technology Administration, stressed the importance of this function, noting that there are numerous events in which rapid and effective communication is necessary:

“For example, a delay on a school trip, a change in a planned event, basically anything that comes so-called unplanned, and it is important to inform about immediately. Thanks to the application, just a few clicks and the parents are in the picture.”

Not surprisingly, experts from the City’s Information Technology Administration saw the need to introduce such an app after the outbreak of COVID as the unexpected turn of events emphasised the need for real-time communication between children, parents, and teachers.

A range of functions

Although facilitating communication is Digiškolka’s ultimate function, it is not the only one. The modern app has several other uses that help simplify the lives of children, parents, and teachers. More specifically, it stores children’s records, parents’ contact details, teachers’ names, and class schedules, among others.

While the app offers a wide range of functions, it is user-friendly. To further facilitate its use, the City of Pilsen has provided end-users with training. What is more, it will hold webinars designed to help people recall information in case they cannot remember how to use the app. In this way, the city will ensure Digiškolka’s smooth and easy operation.

“We try to use modern technology in order to increase the comfort of Pilsen residents as much as possible in various life situations and stages. Having the best possible overview of the child, communicating with educators in an effective way is certainly important for every parent,” Mayor of Pilsen Martin Baxa commented.



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