Pilsen's new car park, Source: City of Pilsen

Pilsen’s new car park tickets to double as public transport passes

Pilsen’s new car park tickets to double as public transport passes

It will help reduce carbon emissions by promoting sustainable mobility

On 27 January, the Czech City of Pilsen unveiled a new, large-capacity car park near the Kaplířova na Borech transport terminal. Designed for people coming into the city, the parking lot allows drivers to park their vehicles, pay an all-day ticket worth CZK 60 (around EUR 2.5), and use public transport in the city.

Expanding on this, the Deputy Mayor for Transport and the Environment, Michal Vozobule, shared that the CZK 60 ticket acts as both a parking ticket and a full-day public transport ticket. Explaining why this is cost-effective, Vozobule revealed that the latter otherwise costs CZK 66 (around EUR 2.7). What is more, drivers will have to pay only CZK 20 (around EUR 0.82) a day if they have a public transport subscription.

"The car park project in Kaplířova Street shows what we are heading for. Our goal is to gradually build a car park or parking lots of the P + R type, or 'park and go by public transport', in Pilsen. Specifically, we have 318 parking spaces, of which 18 spaces can be used for parking buses, nine spaces are for people with disabilities," commented Mayor of Pilsen Pavel Šindelář. 

Free parking

As the City of Pilsen has only recently unveiled the parking lot, drivers can park free of charge. However, the municipality will install barriers and parking software in early March, at the latest. After this, users must vacate the parking lot by 1 am or pay a fee of CZK 100 (around EUR 4.1) for each additional day. With this measure, the municipality hopes to prevent long-term parking.

The large-capacity parking lot will be guarded by cameras and lit with LED energy-saving lamps. In the future, the city will also install charging stations for electric vehicles. 

To see photographs of the new car park, view the gallery above. 



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