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Pilsen will use AI to monitor bee colonies

Pilsen will use AI to monitor bee colonies

The Czech city will gather data to help beekeepers and educate schoolchildren

On 28 April, Pilsen announced the launch of its ProBee system: a unique combination of science and nature which will use artificial intelligence to monitor selected bee colonies. The project will be supported by the city through its Business Innovation Centre (BIC Pilsen).

This technology will provide beekeepers with useful information regarding the activity of beehives. Pavel Mach, the creator of the project, explained that this will alleviate the anxiety of beekeepers by allowing them to control their bee colonies remotely.

What is more, the information will also be used for educational purposes in schools to not only teach children about nature but also spark their interest in technology.

How does it work?

In a press release by the city, Mach explains how the system works, noting that PeeBee records data such as sounds, temperature, hive weight, hive shocks, GPS tracking, and video stream. Taking this further, this technology also has the ability to recognise pests.

Mach notes that thanks to this, a beekeeper will be able to tell if the bees are too cramped or if they are hungry. Moreover, the aforementioned data also allows ProBee to warn users if the hive has fallen or been stolen.

Educational purposes

As previously mentioned, ProBee will not only be used by beekeepers but also for educational purposes in schools throughout Pilsen. The director of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen Luděk Šantora commented:

“Apart from looking at the life of bees, which is in itself interesting for schoolchildren, the collected data can also be used for teaching other subjects, not only biology, for example for calculations in physics lessons.”

It is important to note that ProBee’s records and basic functions will be available free of charge for all members of the public. However, there will be a monthly fee for those who would like to receive technical equipment.

Mach concluded that the ProBee system will need to be perfected and improved; as such, he notes that they would offer a discounted rate for beekeepers who wish to contribute to the development of this innovative technology.



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