Pereensaari recreational island, Source: City of Pirkkala

Pirkkala to celebrate turning 100 next year

Pirkkala to celebrate turning 100 next year

2022 will be full of festive events as the Finnish city will mark its 100th birthday

Next year, Pirkkala will celebrate its 100th birthday with a rich and varied programme which will highlight the Finnish city’s history, know-how, and achievements. Thanks to this programme, residents will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of festivities, from music and arts events to sports and baking.

Organise your own events

Moreover, the Finnish city has announced that residents can not only participate in the events but also join the programme. In other words, local associations, organisations, companies, and individuals working in Pirkkala are welcome to apply to join the anniversary programme and organise their own events. Those interested in doing so must submit their applications before the end of October 2021.

According to a press release, the theme of the anniversary year will be Yhteinen Pirkkalamme (Our Common Pirkkala). As such, the municipality has designed a logo featuring the theme and the number 100. This logo will be used to make festive communication stand out from the rest of the municipality’s work.

Our Common Pirkkala logo
Source: Pirkkala Municipality

Each month of 2022 will have its own theme

The anniversary programme will divide the history of Pirkkala into decades. That is, the months of 2022 will have different themes, exploring set decades. Taking a case in point, January 2022 will feature events and activities in the spirit of the 1920s.

From there, each month (except June and July) will explore a different decade until December 2022, when the theme will be both 2010s and 2020s. In this way, Pirkkala’s citizens will learn something new each month and get a better understanding of their city’s history.

Aside from this, the anniversary programme will include events tailored to the interests and ages of all residents. For instance, those who enjoy handicrafts can participate in weaving “Pirkkala 100” wool socks and knitwear. The municipality further revealed that it will also design a Pirrkala-themed board game which will be available for purchase this Christmas.

The city will print and publish the 100-year anniversary programme as a calendar which it will then distribute to each home before the turn of the year. Now, it is searching for photographs of the city taken by local residents. Therefore, it invites all citizens to send their work to so that their images can be featured in the calendar.



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