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Plaja – Beach Finder: A new app for tourists in Croatia

Plaja – Beach Finder: A new app for tourists in Croatia

This free mobile application allows tourists to locate the beaches of their choice based on category, type, or location

One question that all tourists ask is, “Where is the beach?” Knowing this, Dejan Grepo took it upon himself to create Plaja – Beach Finder, a free mobile application that helps tourists find the beaches of their choice in Croatia.

Speaking to the online magazine Croatia Week, Grepo talked about his motivation and the creation of the app. He explained that having worked in the tourism industry for fifteen years, he knew that every tourist’s main concern was locating a beach. Moreover, after conducting extensive research, Grepo found that 75% of all tourist stays in Croatia occur during the summer.

What does the application offer?

The Plaja – Beach Finder allows users to locate the beaches of their choice. Taking this further, users can search for beaches based on a specific location, category, or type (such as sandy, pebbly, nudist, etc.)

It must be noted that Grepo worked with The Association of Persons with Disabilities in order to include a category tailored to those with special needs. Now, for the first time, people with disabilities can easily find out which beaches are accessible for them and suitable for their needs.

The application does not only show the location of one’s desired beach. That is, it also provides users with a detailed description, pictures, and a 360-degree view. Furthermore, it allows users to leave their feedback and rate the beach by quality.

“A very important feature of the mobile application is that it can be used in offline mode, that navigation to the beaches can be done without an Internet signal,” Grepo shared. He further added that this particular feature will be especially helpful for foreign tourists and guests who do not have mobile data.

International market

It is believed that Grepo’s innovative application has potential for the international market. As such, Plaja – Beach Finder will be presented at tourism fairs, reported Croatia Week.

Commenting on the application’s future, Grepo disclosed: “We are also arranging cooperation to present the mobile application in the Croatia Full Off New Beginnings campaign under the auspices of the Croatian National Tourist Board for the 2021 season. The potential of the mobile application was also recognized by the University of Split, which gave us space to work in the most modern newly opened Technology Park in Split.”

Evidently, Plaja – Beach Finder has been recognised as a helpful tool that will assist and benefit all of Croatia’s tourists in the coming summer seasons. The application can be downloaded on the App Store, Google Play or through its website

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