Mateusz Morawiecki, Source: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Poland presents 100-day battle plan for fight against COVID-19

Poland presents 100-day battle plan for fight against COVID-19

The plan features a comprehensive layout of how the country will be dealing with the disease in the next few months

With the coronavirus situation in Poland slowly stabilizing, the country’s government, headed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, has announced its 100-day plan of dealing with the disease. It features a comprehensive layout consisting of several stages and measures that will allow authorities to more easily adapt to changing circumstances.

The Polish government believes that by the end of these 100 days, a vaccine would already have become available which would allow them to break the chain of infections and quickly return life to normal.

Playing for time

The new regulations are divided into three main stages:

  • the so-called the responsibility phase (it will be valid from November 28 to December 27),
  • the stabilization stage, i.e. the return to the division of Poland into three new zones - red, yellow and green (from December 28 at the earliest - depending on the epidemiological situation),
  • national quarantine (which will be introduced as a last resort, when it is necessary to immediately and drastically reduce the transmission of the virus in society).

The first stage comes into effect as early as next week and brings along the lifting of some of the restrictions. According to authorities the situation is far too precarious at the moment to consider returning life to normal but some businesses and activities will be allowed to resume operations at a reduced and contained scale. This will affect shops and malls which will be able to welcome 1 customer per 15 m2. Other than that, the responsibility stage will not differ greatly from the current situation in the country.

During the stabilization stage, however, starting 28 December, Poland will return to the division into red, yellow and green sectors, implementing rules similar to the ones from earlier this year. Furthermore, the traditional winter holiday for children will this year take place between 4 and 17 January without the possibility for the organizing of trips.

Finally, should the situation deteriorate quickly before the roll-out of a vaccine, the government will be ready to impose another national lockdown at a moment’s notice.



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