Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland announcing the relaxation of sanitary restrictions, Source: Cabinet of the Prime Minister

Poland relaxes coronavirus restrictions for two weeks

Poland relaxes coronavirus restrictions for two weeks

Hotels and cultural institutions can operate under strict regime

Poland is slightly relaxing the sanitary restrictions for a period of two weeks. From 12 to 26 February, milder safety rules will apply throughout the country, allowing some leisure activities to take place.

Green light for culture, leisure and sports (with caution)

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland announced on 5 February relaxation of the existing sanitary restrictions. As part of a specific sanitary regime, the Polish government allows the reopening of hotels, ski slopes, cinemas, theatres and swimming pools.

The new rules will apply from 12 February for two weeks and are justified by the stabilization of some essential indicators for the infolding of the pandemic, such as the number of hospital beds occupied. Hence, for the indicated period:

  • Hotels will be available to everyone while maintaining the sanitary regime (50% of available rooms, meals only served in rooms, at guests' request. Hotel restaurants remain closed);
  • Cinemas, theatres, operas and concert halls reopen while a maximum of 50% of the seats may be occupied during cultural events. Masks are obligatory and no consumption of food or beverages is allowed;
  • Pools are reopening, but aqua parks remain shut;
  • Ski slopes reopen, as well as external sports facilities such as tennis courts and football fields;
  • Amateur outdoor sport resume without audience;
  • Gyms are still banned from operation, while
  • Restaurants will continue to operate on takeaway and delivery mode only.

The slight and temporary relaxation of the safety rules in Poland is meant to allow for some economic activity to take place and for the life to start gradually returning to normal. The authorities, however, remind that the virus is still too dangerous and is constantly present on the territory of the country, hence vigilance and respect of the basic gestures is required at all times.

Finally, the authorities affirm that the ongoing vaccination process is the greatest hope for return to normal, but it is still at the beginning. For the last month, the country has already carried out over 1.5 million vaccinations, starting from healthcare establishments, seniors' residences and continuing with teachers next week.

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