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Polish start up will be counting how many times bank employees smile

Polish start up will be counting how many times bank employees smile

The smart technology will also analyse the expressions of customers and reward employees

One of the most important factors for good customer experience is the positive attitude of employees and the persons who provide the service to the client. Banks are no exception from this rule. Even more – they can sometimes become very intense and even stressful places, especially when large sums of money are at stake and a welcoming bank teller can do a world of difference.

Accordingly, knowing how many times per day employees or officials smile is certainly valuable information for every employer. And luckily, thanks to a smart technology, implemented by a start up from Gdynia, it is now easily doable.

As the local authorities report, a cooperation on the subject has been established between the Polish PKO BP bank and the designer of the solution Quantum CX from the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia. Through special sensors the facial expressions of the bank’s employees throughout the country will be analysed for a period of three months.

Improving customer experience through data

Bartosz Rychlicki, CEO of Quantum C, explained that the system aims to motivate the clerks and customer service agents to smile more often when dealing with clients. The system is meant to help them but also – to reward positive attitude as every smile is rewarded with points.

After accumulating a certain number of points, employees can exchange them for vouchers for online stores. In addition, customer smiles are also taken into account, but the points from their happy expressions go for the benefit of various charities, selected by the employees.

Quantum CX devices do not record audio or video, nor they process any personal data, but rather operate with inferred and anonymized data. The sensor uses a special algorithm to examine a set of features that may indicate the presence of a smile. The first Quantum CX sensors were installed in the United States in 2016 in the Costa Vida restaurant network. It was noticed back then how the technology can be used to improve the quality of service.

Its the inventors' hope that it will result in an improved relationship between bank employees and clients. Even further, the technology might be particularly useful to public administrations and ultimately it can lead to reduced citizens dissatisfaction with bureaucracy.



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