Pomorie - the ideal destination for business development and start-up projects

Pomorie - the ideal destination for business development and start-up projects

It attracts many visitors

Pomorie is often defined as the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its brilliance comes from the vast sandy beaches and crystal salt pyramids, but there is something more... Natural resources, climate peculiarities and the rich cultural and historical heritage underline the face of that town and convert it into a unique multicomponent product and hospitable investment environment.

For the real “pearl hunters” dozens of opportunities are being revealed here, in the Black Sea heart. Opportunities for development in areas like tourism, sports, social, transport or industrial infrastructure. Thanks to the excellent planning and accurate financial managemen, Pomorie Municipality has already successfully completed a few crucial and long-awaited projects: built promenade, reconstruction and rehabilitation of sewage systems, restored open-air cinema and the Old Pier. These are only the first lines of a long list with achievements, but the opportunities are growing with every new success.

However, for the large-scale projects municipal budget usually is not enough and the support comes from EU aid funds, as well as the fruitful CBC and public-private partnerships. With mutual efforts local authorities and business could be equal partners, not only sharing the risk, but also sharing a common goal - cultivated appearance and improved urban infrastructure.

The investment field is really wide, but now we are focused on the second stage of a new fishing port construction. Our efforts and care for sports and young people also gave high results. Based on these results, we are ambitiously working in order to build multifunctional sports hall in Pomorie. One of the most ambitious investment projects,first of its kind in the field of resort development,is the construction of an artificial island complex with attractions and yachts marina. Under the Bulgarian legislation such island and its beaches are exclusive state property. According to the Mayor Mr. Ivan Aleksiev, namely the above mentioned fact provides security of that project and is a guarantee for investors and the municipality that the land status is not going to be changed.

Approximate estimations show that such project could come out to about 20 million euros, but promises particularly high and quick return of investments made.

Pomorie Municipality provides good investment conditions, but is also ready to cooperate with entrepreneurs, whose sight is pointed on Pomorie Bay. Pomorie is not only a place for holiday and relaxation, it is also an ideal destination for business and start-up projects. The investment conditions of the town and the region are competitive within our country and beyond its borders

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