The electric motorcycles, Source: City of Poprad

Poprad purchases electric motorcycles for its police force

Poprad purchases electric motorcycles for its police force

It now claims to have the most environmentally friendly police force in Slovakia

In 2019, the Slovak City of Poprad purchased two electric motorcycles for its police officers. According to the municipality, this made it the first local government in the country to invest in these ecological vehicles for its police force.

Now, three years later, it has purchased another two electric motorcycles. Thus, it claims to have become the city with the most environmentally friendly police force in Slovakia.

Officers praise the new motor vehicles

In a press release, the Mayor of Poprad Anton Danko explained that the municipality first purchased the ecological motor vehicles for its female police officers as the motorcycles were light and small. After hearing the positive feedback of the users, the city then decided to invest in two larger electric motor vehicles for the male officers.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, electric motorcycles have lower operating costs than conventional petrol-powered ones. What is more, they are quiet and more mobile than cars. Expanding on this, the Chief of the Poprad Police Marián Gardoš shared:

“Nowadays, bigger cities such as Poprad are plagued by traffic jams and, in many cases, this [motorcycle] is the means of transport with which we can get to the places where it is needed more easily.”

Equipped with first aid equipment

Besides claiming to be the city with the greenest police force, Poprad further reports that it has the highest number of defibrillators in Slovakia. As such, it is not surprising that all four electric motorcycles are also equipped with these ‘life-saving devices’.

“If the situation requires it, we can also provide first aid. The city police are also included in the operational plan 112. If the emergency line operator evaluates that the city police can be on the spot sooner, they automatically send our patrol with the ambulance crew,” explained Chief Gardoš.

Considering the positive feedback it has received, the City of Poprad is planning on introducing more electric vehicles to its police force in the future.



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