Porto embraces electric cars

Porto embraces electric cars

The city council approved the launch of a tender for the installation of electric car charging stations

Porto has once again proven its commitment to combating climate change. Earlier last week, the Porto City Council approved the launch of a tender for the installation of ten electric car charging stations.

Cristina Pimentel, member of the city council unveiled the local government’s plan by saying that these first 10 stations might be just the start, as the municipality hopes that the plans will be expanded in the near future.

As is always the case in Porto, the issue was a subject to a hot political debate by the parties represented in the City Council.

City councillors raising objections

Some members pointed out that the locations where the charging stations are to be placed should also be subjected to a debate and auctioned based on their impact on the local economy and the city as a whole.

A further issue was raised when it came to the price of the installations, with some city councillors pointing to the fact that the municipality might end up at a net loss from the whole process. To such criticisms, the mayor of Porto Rui Moreira stated that he is “not concerned about the return on investment in municipal taxes”. He explained that the creation of these posts should serve as an example of a large-scale paradigm shift of the city and its modes of transports. He further added that the objective is not to “maximize rates”.

Other city councilors stated their concerns about the way accessibility and use will be monitored. They believe that such information is vital for the further development of the project and should be readily available for discussion and scrutiny.

With electric vehicles slowly gaining in popularity, it is up to local administrations to prepare their cities for the oncoming changes. The approach of Porto authorities – one of debates and scrutiny, yet acceptance – should prove to be the perfect way forward.



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