Porto. card, Source: Porto Municipality / Miguel Nogueira

Porto launches a multi-service card for residents

Porto launches a multi-service card for residents

It combines the functions of three previous cards with digital services

Today, 5 April, the City of Porto officially put in service the new ‘Porto.’ Card, which is specifically aimed at residents and gives them the chance to enjoy unlimited access to many municipal offerings and heavy discounts. The new feature combines the functions of the previous library card, municipal pools card and the municipal theatres card – all combined into one as a dedicated service to local residents, giving them more practical choices, while also fostering their enjoyment of being citizens of Porto.

Authorities describe it as a kind of an ‘embryo’ project, which is open to growing and adding more benefits

Portugal’s second-largest city wants to make sure that its residents make the most out of living there and can enjoy all the benefits of a registered resident. In fact, being a registered resident (with a home address in the municipality) is pretty much the only condition to receiving the free card.

Here, in detail, are all the benefits a cardholder can enjoy:

  • free access to all spaces of the City Museum;
  • tickets at half price for shows at the Municipal Theater of Porto (Rivoli and Campo Alegre);
  • 50% reduction in access to municipal swimming pools;
  • free use of the Guindais Funicular;
  • 50% discount on all activities organized by the municipality's cultural services;
  • 10 to 20% discount on products and cultural publications from City Hall;
  • free visit to the City Hall (by appointment);
  • 50% discount on bicycle parking at Parque da Cidade;
  • priority access to activity registration credits and workshops from the environmental education services of City Hall;
  • reduction in half of the entrance price to the Water Pavilion.

Presentation of the new card. Source: Porto Municipality

However, this is more than just giving locals a kind of tourist experience of their city. Holders of the card will also get notified by SMS of practical information, especially if it is relevant to their domicile district. This will mean things, such as street cuts, traffic conditions and weather warnings.

Two weeks ago, when Mayor Rui Moreira presented the new card, he described it as an ‘embryo of benefits’ which can be extended following suggestions from Porto inhabitants themselves. However, it was also explained that it will always be aimed at services under the umbrella of the public sector.

People living in the city who would like to get the card are advised to the specialized platform and upload the required documents. Likewise, they can head to the Gabinete do Munícipe, the municipal libraries, or municipal swimming pools to apply for it.



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