Diabetes, Source: Porto Municipality/ Filipa Brito

Porto Municipality organizes a diabetes information webinar

Porto Municipality organizes a diabetes information webinar

This is part of activities this month linked to World Diabetes Day

Although World Diabetes Day has already passed (it was on 14 November), the Municipality of Porto has decided to extend the spotlight on the prevention and management of this disease with the organization of the “Porto without Diabetes” initiative running until the end of the month. An important part of this will be a webinar that will be broadcast tomorrow, 27 November at 9:30 on the municipal social network channels.

The COVID pandemic has taken a toll on people with chronic conditions

The extension of the commemoration of Diabetes Day was motivated by the ongoing global pandemic, which has brought on new challenges to those living with long-term chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

The webinar itself will consist of two session parts, which will be moderated by Silvia Cunha from the Porto Municipal Health Promotion Department.

The first part debate will answer the questions of “How to prevent and control the disease? The role of institutions.” It will feature Fernando Paulo, Councillor for Housing and Social Cohesion at the Porto Chamber, José Manuel Boavida, President of the Portuguese Diabetic Protection Association, and Joana Lima Ferreira, of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

The second debate will look into managing the condition and this will be discussed by medical specialists working in the field of nutrition and diabetes.

Apart from the webinar, there will be some other initiatives related to diabetes awareness. One of these will involve the promotion of proper food consumption skills and knowledge, which is highly essential for people living with the disease.

This will include the free distribution of a label decoder (a chart by the national programme promoting healthy eating) which can be used when going grocery shopping in order to analyze product labels right in the store in order to help make the right purchase decisions for healthy living.



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