The green spots get more and more prominent on the map of Porto, Source: Porto Municipality / Miguel Nogueira

Porto revises its development plan to make it more sustainable and inclusive

Porto revises its development plan to make it more sustainable and inclusive

A more holistic approach to urban planning

Porto’s official website announced on 31 May that the Municipal Assembly of the city had approved a proposal to revise the Municipal Master Plan. The new Plan will create conditions favourable to a variety of factors considered essential for proper development in the future that benefits everyone.

Among these are increased housing availability, the promotion of employment avenues, attracting more investment and prioritizing the fight against climate change through doubling the green areas. Consequently, the expectation is that these differences in their scope actions all share the ultimate possibility of creating a quality of life that will be better than before.

The new Master Plan will be in force for the current decade

Pedro Baganha, the local Councilor of Urbanism, commented on the approved plan, which will be in force during this decade, by explaining that the goal of the authorities is “increasing the public green area and the upgrading of the hydrographic network of rivers and streams”. Nowadays, environmental concerns and adaptations are indispensable factors in contemporary urban planning.

The increase in available housing, with a particular focus on accessibility, is also part of the Plan's Major Options, with the objective of demographic recovery and regulation of the real estate market. In this regard, the Master Plan introduces the concept of "inclusive zoning", which provides for the allocation of a percentage of the building area to affordable housing. Such zones will be located in the centre of Porto, for property development operations with an area of ​​more than 1,500 square metres.

The new Plan also highlights the creation of mechanisms that aim to stimulate economic competitiveness and employment - a fundamental area for the promotion of social and territorial cohesion, one of the strategic axes of the current administration.

Last but not least, the strategic development will include a commitment to the upgrading of public transport, with reliance on soft mobility.



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