Porto Animal Collection Centre, Source: Porto Municipality/ Filipa Brito

Porto’s authorities advise us not to think of pets as gifts

Porto’s authorities advise us not to think of pets as gifts

Spur-of the moment adoptions rise during this period so the Animal Centre will close until 4 January

Today, the municipal website of Porto informed the citizens that authorities had taken decision to temporarily suspend pet adoptions at the Official Animal Collection Centre (CROA). At first, this may seem counterintuitive given that pets can be a popular gift option for children and families during Christmas time.

The reality, however, is that this is also a time of impulsive buying and impulsive decisions, which we often regret sometimes even only a few days later. For the people working at the Animal Centre, pets cannot be put on the same level as buying, say new shoes. The Centre will not work until 4 January in order to reduce the chances of people rushing into an adoption that they have not quite thought through.

Adopting a pet needs long-term planning

Since cats and dogs are living creatures, they cannot just be chucked out if the new owners decide that they are not the right fit. Technically, they can be returned to the Animal Centre but the people working there would like this to not be a common practice as it can be emotionally confusing for the animals. After all, it is the people who are supposed to be the mature ones when it comes to planning their actions.

“If you really want to adopt, take advantage of this Christmas season to reflect on the subject, to reflect if this is what you really want,” proposed Túlia Aires, a veterinary at CROA, adding that “a pet is for life and we have to say that responsibility and the decision we make today will be reflected in the next ten, fifteen years, which is the life span of the animal”.

The overall message with this action then is that when approaching the idea of getting a pet, one has to know and believe that it means adding a new member to the family and act accordingly.

As for consultations at the CROA, the Centre informs that staff will still be available on the phone for any questions or inquiries from the citizens.



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