Porto to introduce upgrades to public transport services

Porto to introduce upgrades to public transport services

New bus shelters and new technology will lead to increased satisfaction from citizens

Citizens and visitors of the Portuguese city of Porto will be happy to learn that public transportation in the urban area will soon undergo substantial improvements.

Thanks to a new tender that will soon be launched by local authorities, bus stops around the city will be equipped with brand new billboards for digital advertising as well as further improvements to the comfort of those waiting for their respective buses.

The project in detail

Following the approval of the tender and its completion, all bus stops around the city will enjoy the benefits of high tech improvements. For example, they will all be able to provide accurate information on arrival times of buses and will be equipped with 5G compatible hardware.

The stations will also be able to transmit a Wi-Fi signal and will have various informational, institutional and of course commercial billboards.

Overall, city authorities believe that commercial advertising in the city will be substantially reduced by the move. The company that wins the tender will be obligated to promote a number of Porto’s cultural events as well as provide information on municipal and institutional services.

Furthermore, the tender will lead to an increase in income to the city’s budget. The tender will be paying the City Council 700,000 euros per year for the opportunity to make use of the billboards on the new stations. Said funding is slated to be used by Porto’s urban development department in order to create new public bathrooms and various kinds of supplementary equipment.

These latest improvements to the city’s public transport infrastructure are set to be executed simultaneously with other developments of the Porto vehicle fleet itself. The installation of the upgrades is set to be completed sometime around the beginning of 2021.



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