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Porto urban event draws attention by presenting the new master plan for development

Porto urban event draws attention by presenting the new master plan for development

The VIII Week of Urban Rehabilitation will take place online

The municipal website of Porto announced at the start of this weekend that the VIII Urban Rehabilitation Week – rePorto will take place from 24 to 26 November in an online format. The annual conference, dedicated to issues of sustainable urban development, will begin with an important event, that is a session dedicated to discussing the new Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of the second largest Portuguese city.

The Municipal Master Plan has a been a subject of organized public discussions for a month now

Since the Plan has been one of the main municipal topics concerning administration and residents, both of which sides have shown their concern and dedication to the pragmatic and optimal development of their city, shining the light on the new PDM is sure to be a strategic and important highlight on the agenda.

The opening day of the event will also be attended by Mayor Rui Moreira, and the Councillors for Economy and Urbanism, Ricardo Valente and Pedro Baganha, respectively, who will take part as speakers in different panels.

“This Plan is a new Plan, for a new city policy, but it is based on an approach of reform rather than rupture. The main areas of city policy that were our specific concern in this process are the Environment, Housing, Mobility, Heritage and Economy. From these options, a set of tools was born that we have used in the proposal for a Plan that is open to public discussion”.

These were the words of Councillor Baganha, almost a month ago when it was announced that the Master Plan will undergo a process of open scrutiny in the various districts, as well as at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto and the Order of Architects.

The open public discussion for the MDP is previewed to conclude on 7 December after which time the final version will be presented for voting at the City Council.

Apart from that, the overall programme of the rePorto Week promises to provide 15 sessions on the themes of sustainable regeneration and development and some 90 speakers attending them.



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