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Prague Airport sets sustainable goals for its future

Prague Airport sets sustainable goals for its future

It plans on achieving carbon neutrality

In recent years, the aviation industry has started to receive criticism for its negative impact on the environment. As such, several airports around the world have started to make important changes.

Taking a case in point, Prague Airport recently published a press release in which it disclosed its current sustainable and green actions. Moreover, it announced its future goals and its plans to achieve carbon neutrality.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Prague Airport has reportedly been working to reduce its CO2 emissions for more than a decade. Taking this further, it notes that it has succeeded in reducing emissions by 76% in 2020, compared to 2009. More specifically, it has managed to save 41,000 tons of CO2.

It is important to note that Prague Airport has committed itself to reaching carbon neutrality on all flights across Europe and elsewhere by 2050. The Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors Vaclav Rehor outlined some of the measures which will be taken over the next several years:

“Airlines are phasing out older aircraft and replacing them with new, much greener and more environmentally-friendly models. In about the next ten years, Prague Airport plans to execute several long-term development and sustainable projects, which include, for example, the expansion of the Terminal 2 building.”

Expansion of terminal buildings

The airport seeks to expand the capacities of its terminals in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. According to the press release, it will achieve this by making use of recycled materials, retaining and using rainwater, etc.

What is more, it aims to improve the quality of both indoor and outdoor environments, reduce the use of non-renewable natural energy sources, and achieve energy self-sufficiency. Soňa Hykyšová, Prague Airport Environmental Protection Director, commented on these plans: “During the next development stages of the building design, we will reduce the energy, water and material consumption requirements.

Wherever possible, we will look to generate these sources locally. Similarly, we will promote the use, for example, of renewable solar energy, heat pumps and other sources with minimal environmental impact.”

Other projects

Prague Airport will make further changes to its runways and traffic flows. That is, it plans to reduce traffic noise and discontinue night-time operations. In addition to this, it seeks to decrease the fuel consumption and production of exhaust gases of passing vehicles by modifying its existing road overpass.

To date, Prague Airport has recorded numerous achievements in terms of sustainability. Some of these achievements include cutting the use of disposable plastics and using 100% green electricity since 2019.

The aviation industry certainly needs to make reforms to reduce its environmental impact. As such, Prague Airport must continue working hard towards the protection of the environment.

Moreover, it is crucial that more airports around the world set sustainable and green goals to help save our planet.  



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