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Prague establishes a network of small centres for homeless people

Prague establishes a network of small centres for homeless people

The capital aims to put an end to homelessness

On 14 May, the City of Prague announced that it is working on the development of a network of small centres for homeless people. According to a press release by the municipality, the Czech capital has thus far received criticism for the existence of large centres as they reportedly disturb the residential areas in which they are established.

For this reason, Prague is now working towards swapping them for smaller and more intimate facilities which will be located in various places throughout the city. These centres will allow people to receive the treatment they need as well as to gain access to food, water, etc.  

Furthermore, the establishment of smaller centres will mean less people in each area of the capital, thereby reducing the impact of such facilities on the residential areas in which they are developed.

The goal is to end homelessness in the capital

Councillor Milena Johnová commented on the measures taken by the capital, noting that Prague’s primary aim is to put an end to homelessness: “The long-term goal of the capital is to end homeless, which means ensuring a sufficient supply of stable, dignified and affordable housing.”

Currently, three small centres have been established: The Centre for Women in Palmova in Prague 8, a residential humanitarian facility in the area of Malešický zámek in Prague 10, and a day centre in Prague 3.

Discussing the benefits of smaller facilities, the councillor shared: “My priority is the decentralisation of services, i.e., building a network of smaller facilities, where it is possible to help people more effectively towards ending their homelessness thanks to a more personal environment.”

It must be noted that the capital is presently working on two other developments, the first of which will be the creation of a nursing home for the elderly and sick. By making reforms and planning the establishment of new social services, Prague demonstrates its determination to help its more vulnerable citizens.



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