Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib watering a tree, Source: Zdeněk Hřib on Facebook

Prague invites the public to adopt a tree

Prague invites the public to adopt a tree

“Adopt a Tree” is the capital’s latest green project

Over and over again, the Czech City of Prague has proven its commitment to the environment. The capital has not only vowed to plant 1 million trees in 8 years but it has also received the European Forest City Award 2021 for its environmental efforts. Now, it has launched a new project: “Adopt a Tree”.

Residents can choose a tree to care for

The municipality is involving citizens, urging them to help the city achieve its green goals. With the launch of its latest green project, it invites residents to choose, adopt, and care for a tree from Prague 14.

In a press release by the City of Prague, the municipality notes that “Adopt a Tree” is part of a bigger project: “Build Prague”. This larger initiative seeks to raise awareness of how important it is to care for and protect the greenery in the capital.

Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib commented on the city’s efforts and goals: “We promised that we would plant a million trees in Prague in eight years and that we will succeed in fulfilling our plan. So far, we have planted 370,000 trees. […] But the care of planted trees is also important. The city is our shared public space, and therefore, we invite the public to join our efforts to make Prague green.”

How can you adopt a tree?

Those who are interested in helping Prague become a greener city by caring for a tree of their choice, can adopt one via the website. To apply, one must first fill out an adoption form. Following this, they will receive a tree adoption certificate, a manual, and all the necessary information.

The project’s author Tomáš Murňák explained that one of the reasons why “Adopt a Tree” was launched was because of the public’s interest in the state of urban greenery. As a result of this interest, Murňák sought to find a way that would allow residents to take part and actively care for the trees themselves.

If the project proves to be successful, the city will expand it to cover all of Prague.



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