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Prague lists 20 places and routes that residents can safely explore this spring

Prague lists 20 places and routes that residents can safely explore this spring

The Mayor of Prague has unveiled the launch of the “Safely Around Prague” platform

Temperatures are rising and flowers are slowly beginning to bloom. Now that spring is its on its way, it will be exceedingly difficult to stay at home. Thankfully, the capital of the Czech Republic has acknowledged this as Mayor Zdeněk Hřib announced the launch of a new website: "Safely Around Prague".

More specifically, the City has compiled a list of 20 less-frequented places in Prague so that residents can safely see and experience something new. On his Facebook profile, Hřib explained that this platform will allow people to go for a walk and explore the city’s sights “without any worries”.

Which locations are listed on the website?

"Safely Around Prague" takes into account the fact that we are all different and that everyone has their own, distinct interests. Therefore, it provides residents with a variety of locations and experiences.

For example, the platform lists numerous forests, nature reserves, parks, and gardens for those who enjoy being around nature. Some of these include:

  • Park Podviní
  • Kunratický Forest
  • Garden of Paradise (Park Rajská zahrada)
  • Draháňské Valley (Draháňské údolí)
  • Kinský Garden (Zahrada Kinských)
  • Prokopské & Dalejské údolí natural parks

In addition to this, "Safely Around Prague" lists various sights that one can see in the centre and the city streets. The website urges residents to admire the city’s art and architecture by visiting some of the following places and routes:

  • The Façade Gallery: a damaged building façade that has been converted into an exhibition of contemporary Czech art.
  • From Břevnov to Strahov: The Magic of (Semi-)Rural Prague: a route that allows you to explore different terrains and architectural styles.
  • Vyšehrad Cemetery and Slavín (Vyšehradský hřbitov a Slavín): one of the most important cemeteries in Prague where over 600 famous artists, writers, scientists, and actors have been buried.

"Safely Around Prague" gives residents all the information they require by providing images, short descriptions and exact locations of every place/route. Of course, it must be noted that people are nevertheless still expected to comply with the safety measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.



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