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Prague now offers “take-away theatre”: a theatrical experience using VR

Prague now offers “take-away theatre”: a theatrical experience using VR

Brejlando allows spectators to view their favourite plays from the comfort of their homes

Cultural institutions have suffered greatly over the past year as theatres, galleries, cinemas, etc. were forced to shut due to the outbreak of COVID. The closure of cultural events has not only resulted in unemployment but also deeply affected those who frequently attend them.

Taking this further, it has been proven that cultural activities positively impact our mental health as they stimulate one’s mind whilst also relieving stress and anxiety. As such, the closure of cultural institutions has affected both those who are employed in the arts as well as spectators and audiences.

Understanding this, Czech visionaries from Brainz Studios have worked with the City of Prague to create a “take-away theatre” called Brejlando; that is, a theatrical experience using virtual reality. This innovation will allow people to, once again, take part in cultural activities whilst staying safe in the comfort of their homes.

“When the spectator cannot go to the theatre, the theatre will go to the spectator,” film producer and councillor Hana Třeštíková was quoted on Brejlando’s website.

How does it work?

According to its website, the “take-away theatre” offers an experimental experience in virtual reality. Moreover, it allows spectators to view the play of their choice in 3D and with a 360-degree-view.

To book this experience, one must first select their preferred date and play. After this, a courier will deliver VR glasses and information on how they should be used. On the following day, the courier will return to collect the glasses.

In this way, Brejlando offers theatregoers a unique, safe, and simple solution during these difficult times. More importantly, it supports cultural institutions by allowing the operation of such events.

It must be noted that Brejlando further assures its clients that the glasses will be disinfected and sterilised before being delivered as it notes that “hygiene is a priority”. As such, the VR glasses go through various stages of disinfection, one of which includes the use of a certified UV sterilisation box.

Thus, Brejlando ensures the safety of its users whilst offering them a unique and innovative theatrical experience during challenging times.



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