Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr presented the plans for the Metro O line, Source: PRAHA SOBĚ on Facebook

Prague proposes the development of a circular metro line

Prague proposes the development of a circular metro line

It would accommodate the growing population of the Czech capital

On 10 February, Prague’s Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr presented a proposal to develop a circular metro line in the Czech capital. Explaining why the city needs such a line, Scheinherr revealed that Prague’s population is growing at an alarming rate with the Czech Statistical Office forecasting an increase of hundreds of thousands of residents.

“Imagine that the whole of Ostrava or even almost the whole of Bro moves to Prague. […] If we do not start tackling the radical strengthening of underground public transport in time, Prague’s streets will be overwhelmed, and Prague will suffocate. The streets are not inflatable and more cars or, for example, buses cannot fit in them,” Scheinherr stated.

The new metro would have the potential to transport over 150,000 passengers a day and around 100 million each year.

Metro OThe Metro O line route (Source: PRAHA SOBĚ on Facebook)

36 kilometres long

According to a press release, the circular line would be 36 kilometres long, with 23 stations. In turn, the Prague metro would reportedly measure 114 kilometres in length and have 111 stations after its competition. Comparing this with the underground transport of other cities, Scheinherr reveals that Munich’s metro covers 103 kilometres and has 93 stations.

It is important to note that hundreds of thousands of people travel to the Czech capital for work. Entering the city, they park their vehicles in the centre or the suburbs, taking up space. With the number of both commuters and residents increasing, the capital believes the Metro O line is crucial in order to ensure that the city does not become blocked up.  

In addition to this, it stresses the importance of promoting the use of public transport and encouraging people to leave their cars at home. With Metro O, the influx of cars would substantially reduce as travelling underground would become both quicker and easier.



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