The post-COVID centre in Prague, Source: City of Prague

Prague’s new medical centre to treat patients with post-COVID symptoms

Prague’s new medical centre to treat patients with post-COVID symptoms

The Municipal Hospital of Aftercare opened its new post-COVID centre

On 3 September, the Municipal Hospital of Aftercare in Prague unveiled the completion of its latest project: the establishment of a post-COVID centre. The hospital has seen the need to create such a centre following an increasing number of cases where people diagnosed with COVID develop complications several weeks after their recovery from the disease.

Treatment must continue after recovery

The post-COVID centre is intended for patients who are experiencing various physical or psychological symptoms after being diagnosed and recovering from COVID. Director of Health Care Martin Ježek commented on the new addition to the Municipal Hospital of Aftercare, noting:

“Personally, I was very satisfied with the preparations for the project of launching the post-COVID centre because I consider the treatment of problems in some patients after COVID to be as important as the treatment of the disease itself. The establishment of this centre is another pillar of the extensive plan for the development of this medical facility.”

Expanding on Ježek’s statement, it is important to note that the hospital is currently undergoing extensive reconstruction. That is, it has renovated all of its five floors and upgraded its electrical wiring. Moreover, it has purchased new equipment, including beds, mechanical wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

Beyond this, the Municipal Hospital of Aftercare is expanding its capacity by adding another 64 beds to its existing 160. With this expansion, the hospital seeks to enhance its professional palliative care and its follow-up care in the field of cardiology.

With this renovation and the establishment of a new centre intended to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, the hospital seeks to transform itself into a modern medical centre. Councillor for Social Policy and Health Milena John highlighted that the Municipal Hospital of Aftercare combines rehabilitation facilities with aftercare to guarantee that patients can recover fully and safely return to their normal lives.



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