affordable housing in Prague

Prague supports affordable housing with CZK 100 million

Prague supports affordable housing with CZK 100 million

Subsidies help the city advance on one of the Sustainable Development Goals

Affordable housing is key to building sustainable cities and communities. Here is why it was included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. What is more, by 2030, societies should ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing.

Very soon Prague will be moving one step closer to achieving this goal. Subsidies amounting to more than 100 million crowns will support the construction of social housing in city districts, announced the local authorities. Last week the City of Prague approved the provision of subsidies from the Fund for the Development of Affordable Housing as follows: for Ďáblice district they will be of CZK 17 million, for Lysolaje district - CZK 89 million. The funds will be used to support the construction of residential buildings, reads the municipal portal.

In the case of the Ďáblice district this will be a subsidy for the construction of the Akcíz residential building with fourteen apartments. They are expected to meet housing needs for various groups of inhabitants.

In addition, the Czech capital also finances the “Dolina město jinak” project in Lysolaje. Out of the 26 housing units built, five will be permanently rented to applicants who practice the priority professions for the city or for interested seniors or disabled citizens. Six flats will be adapted for tenants with reduced mobility.

Wanted: law on affordable housing in Czechia

 “The available housing development fund is primarily intended for expanding the city's housing stock for rental housing. In the case of Ďáblice and Lysolaje, we build on the work started in the previous parliamentary term, when the municipal council promised to finance these projects. This is the construction of apartment buildings that will serve long-term housing needs for the priority professions, young families, seniors and people with disabilities,” says Adam Zábranský, councillor for housing and transparency, as quoted by

The member of the Pirate Party and Chairman of the Commission for the Fund also explained on Facebook that the country was in desperate need of law on affordable/social housing.

As it turns out in the case for Prague, the local authorities are doing better job than central governments in making noticeable change.



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