Closet for Single Parent Families, Source: City of Prague

Prague unveils a free public closet for single parent families

Prague unveils a free public closet for single parent families

Prague Market Hall now houses a “Closet for Single Parent Families”

To mark Children’s Day (1 June) in the Czech Republic, Prague opened a “Closet for Single Parent Families” at the Prague Market Hall. There, the community can donate items for single parents and families in need.

According to the municipality, the closet has been operating in several other locations in the Czech capital. More importantly, it has raised CZK 10 million (EUR 393,145) and helped more than 400 families so far.

How does it work?

Citizens can donate clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, backpacks, and small electronic appliances to the closet. In addition to this, they can also donate children’s clothes, books, bicycles, skates, helmets, etc.

Single parents and families in need must register before visiting. They can then either take items free-of-charge or work in the establishment in exchange for food. In a press release on the municipality’s website, the project’s founder and Czech television reporter Nora Fridrichová commented:

“It was the single parent families that were hit the hardest during the last “COVID” year. We are happy for the opportunity to become tenants of the Prague Market Square. But the wardrobe will not only offer clothes – single parents who come to help us, we will reward them with the purchase of food, we will look after their children and, in the summer, we want to start babysitting and tutoring in the premises of the Wardrobe.”

Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek also shared his thoughts on the project, noting that he is a father of three and understands how challenging it must be for single parents to take care of their children alone. As such, Vyhnánek expressed his satisfaction with the new establishment, explaining that Prague is committed to supporting meaningful projects that help people in difficult financial situations.

The facility will operate from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Moreover, it is expected to remain open at the Prague Market Hall until the end of the year.



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