Prague, Czechia

Prague will launch a 240-million-euro architecture competition for its Philharmonic building

Prague will launch a 240-million-euro architecture competition for its Philharmonic building

It wants to enrich the capital’s architecture with a new building for the Czech Philharmonic and Prague Symphony Orchestra

This August, Prague will hold an international architecture competition for the building which will house the Czech Philharmonic and Prague Symphony Orchestra. After the contest begins in August, the jury will evaluate the candidates and select those who will work on proposals in October.

The Czech capital is seeking timeless designs

According to a press release by the municipality, three separate halls are envisioned for the building. That is, a concert hall which will accommodate an audience of 1,800 people, a smaller hall for 700 spectators, and a multi-purpose hall with a 500-seat capacity.

Representative of the capital Jan Čižinský commented on the project, noting that it will completely transform the area. Furthermore, he stressed how crucial it is for designs to take the surroundings into consideration. In other words, designs must ensure that the building is easily accessible to pedestrians and is connected to both urban and suburban public transport.

Discussing the upcoming architecture competition, Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib shared: “The world’s leading studios will be approached and important Czech architectural studios will also get a chance to get involved […] The interest in competing was preliminarily confirmed by 23 foreign studios as well as a number of domestic ones. We expect great participation and timeless designs that will move the already rich architecture of Prague one step further.”

The winner of the competition will be announced in May 2022 when they will sign a contract and begin working on obtaining the necessary documents and permits for the building’s construction. The next stage will take place in 2026 when contractors will be chosen before construction begins in 2027.

In total, the project is expected to take 10 years and it must, therefore, be completed by 2031. Moreover, its total costs are estimated to be CZK 6.1 billion (EUR 240,318,650).



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