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Pupils in The Netherlands are on a quest for old electronic devices

Pupils in The Netherlands are on a quest for old electronic devices

The goal is to boost recycling rates and teach children the principles of circularity

Pupils from primary schools in Amsterdam, The Netherlands are currently collecting old electronic devices from door to door. As the city website informs, the collected gadgets will be reused or recycled, depending on their condition.

As for the children, not only do they get the chance to learn more about the circular economy and the importance to reduce electronic waste, but they can also win prizes and forge the sense of team spirit.

Half of the electronic waste in The Netherlands is not recycled

E-Waste race is a competition organised for 4 consecutive weeks in different parts of The Netherlands. Currently, the race is active in the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Groningen. It is co-organised by the municipalities, local waste services and non-profits.

The students at the participating schools are going door-to-door to collect old electronic devices. They also learn about e-waste, raw materials and the impact of waste on the environment, as the contest progresses, through an interactive lesson.

The children collect goods at people’s homes and with friends and family, but also campaign in their neighbourhood via posters and local media. In this way, they involve the entire community in the project of waste reduction.

The winners of the eco-friendly contest in Amsterdam will be announced at the beginning of October. The school that has collected the most devices, will gain the main prize – a school trip for the whole class.

So far, 2.308.157 devices have been saved from oblivion, while each of the 71 races organised so far has saved an average of 19,610 kilograms of CO2 emissions, the website of the initiative informs.

On top of the positive environmental impact, research by the Eindhoven University of Technology has shown that the E-waste Race leads to a positive change in behavior and more awareness among students and their immediate environment, such as parents and teachers, regarding the recycling of electronic waste.

According to the website of the campaig, over half of the total amount of electronic waste in the Netherlands is not recycled. This is a real wasted resource, e-waste it is full of valuable materials. An old telephone, alarm clock, broken printer or DVD player can be turned into something new through recycling.

Finally, you do not have to wait for a group of children to knock on your door to ask for your used hair dryer. If you want to contribute to a cleaner city, simply register electronic devices that you want to get rid of via the website

The students will then come and collect them from your home. You can also drop off the items yourself at the participating schools.



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