Qrendi Info Kiosk, Source: © Colin Layfield

Qrendi modernises tourism offer with a cutting-edge info kiosk

Qrendi modernises tourism offer with a cutting-edge info kiosk

Article provided by Dr Colin Layfield, University of Malta

The charming village of Qrendi, located in southern Malta, has recently refurbished its digital information touch screen kiosk that is conveniently located within the main town piazza in front of the spectacular parish church.

Qrendi Parish church

Qrendi Parish Church © Colin Layfield

The kiosk itself,  similar to many other touch screen kiosk units that can be found in American-style shopping malls, other points of interest, or large events, is housed in a unit that protects it from the elements and provides much needed air conditioning during the hot Maltese summer months.

Such a simple device can, however, provide a world of information for both locals and tourists alike. Currently it contains basic information about the locality, such as places of interest, public transport links and timetables, images of the scenery of the area, as well as useful information on the local council and its services. 

tourist info panel in Qrendi, Malta

The new information Kiosk © Colin Layfield

Technology makes it so that the kiosk not only provides the user with the needed data but can also enable them to take away information with them via the usage of QR codes that can be scanned via most mobile phones. This provides the visitor with further information on, for example, a point of interest (via a web page link) or a route plotted on their mobile map application in order to help them find a location relative to the kiosk. Future plans and initiatives are anticipated allowing the Qrendi Local Council to further the potential of this device.

Planned initiatives and options would allow local events to be advertised (via council or community entities) and updated throughout the year as new content can easily be uploaded onto it through its Internet connectivity. Local businesses can advertise on the kiosk indicating any specials or other services of interest to the local community or visitors alike.  Once again, and through the usage of QR codes, it is possible to allow the user to take away additional information with this added content such as a coupon for a local shop/service, weblink to further information about a local event (such as the spectacular summer feasts) or a link to a local company's social media profile or website.

Technology can transform the ability for people to find out and discover new information about their local surroundings - the kiosk enables the delivery of this information and facilitates the ability of the user to take this information with them in a meaningful fashion.

For further information on the kiosk one can contact the Qrendi Local Council ( and Dr Colin Layfield, University of Malta on ( for technical/content/design enquiries.



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