A quirky sign in Ghent will remind visitors of the consequences of littering , Source: City of Ghent

Quirky signboards in Ghent remind citizens аbout littering fines

Quirky signboards in Ghent remind citizens аbout littering fines

The city is trying to counteract the rising levels of excess waste that takeaway food has started to generate since the start of the pandemic

Today, the Belgian city of Ghent unveiled its new strategy to tackle the excess waste and littering generated from the packaging of takeaway meals. Local authorities will place message boards in popular littering spots around the city, highlighting the damaging effects on the environment created by the packaging.

Furthermore, Ghent is partnering up with delivery companies to promote reusable containers, to cut excess waste at the consumer level.

Stopping littering is up to YOU

Since the pandemic began, takeaway has grown into a massive industry and a staple in many people’s diets. This, however, has the adverse effect of generating huge amounts of excess litter, as every food product in a delivery is wrapped in its own single-use container.

This is why the city chose five specific spots across the city, as these had been identified as locations with a higher concentration of such waste. These are around the Kuip van Gent, the Kapitein Zeppospark, the Keizerpark, the park on the Martelaarslaan and the Emilius Seghersplein.

The boards will playfully remind people that leaving behind their trash can cost them up to 120 euros in the form of a fine. The community guards will carry out extra checks in those five locations and fine people if necessary.

The sign outlines the free services people enjoy when sitting in a park, such as relaxing, good company, clean fields, as well as the fine for littering.

Bram Van Braeckevelt, Alderman of Public Cleanliness was quoted in a press release as saying: “The message of the campaign is clear: waste belongs in the bin. And whoever leaves garbage on the ground risks a fine. Anyone offering takeaway can help make a difference, for example by resolutely opting for reusable materials and by avoiding unnecessary waste".



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