Zeimuļs in Rezekne, Source: Rēzekne Municipality

Rēzekne will host seminars on Nordic-Baltic exchange networks

Rēzekne will host seminars on Nordic-Baltic exchange networks

4 programs will be presented as part of the Nordic Days celebration in the city

The press service of the Latvian city of Rēzekne has announced that the Nordic Days celebrations in the city this year will also include four specialized seminars dedicated to providing information on the financial support available for different mobility and exchange programs. The seminar itself will take place on 25 September at 11:00, at the Eastern Latvia Creative Services Center “Zeimuļs” located on Krasta Street 31.

Fostering links of co-operation with the Baltics through the Nordic Council

The seminar in question is organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, the Latvian Education Development Agency and the Rēzekne Municipality. The first of these organizations represents an intergovernmental partnership between the governments of the Scandinavian countries which are looking to strengthen development and co-operation with the Baltic countries. This became especially important after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The four programs which will be discussed at the seminar are all concerned with the issue of mobility, which in this case does not refer to transportation but rather to the social, professional and cultural mobility of people and exchange of skills.

The first seminar will provide information on the Nordic-Baltic joint mobility program “Public Administration” which encourages the exchange of experiences among government employees from different levels with a view to finding successful solutions, networking and harmonization of methods in order to make the Baltic Sea region globally competitive.

Likewise, a similar program is targeted at the NGOs from that region with the idea of strengthening their co-operation and civil society as a whole.

The third program is called the Nordic-Baltic Culture Mobility Program has the aim to create a basis for an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural life in the Nordic region and calls upon artists from all fields to participate.

The Nordplus program was created to give students and teachers networking and project collaboration opportunities in order to elevate the level of education and educational systems in the countries concerned.

People who are interested in attending the seminars and finding out about the subsidies offered by the programs are invited to register online (in Latvian) by 22 September in order to secure a seat.



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