The Holiday Camp will take place on 4-10 July

Randers to hold ‘Holiday Camp’ for socially disadvantaged families

Randers to hold ‘Holiday Camp’ for socially disadvantaged families

People from all over the country are invited to have a stress-free week this July

On 21 April, the Danish Municipality of Randers announced the return of the Holiday Camp: a week-long event for socially disadvantaged families and individuals. Like most events, the Holiday Camp was unfortunately put on hold for two years due to the outbreak of COVID. Now, Randers Municipality and the National Association of VæreSteder have prepared a plethora of activities and experiences that will delight this year’s attendees.

Taking place on 4-10 July near Langvang Stadium, the Holiday Camp will allow families and individuals to relax and immerse themselves in fun events. More specifically, it will offer various sports activities, musical performances, excursions, and gatherings.

Expanding on this, Denmark’s largest sports event for vulnerable groups, Udsatte Legene, will also take place at the Holiday Camp, allowing participants to compete in 21 different sports over a period of 4 days.

Stressing the importance of communities

It is important to note that the 2022 theme of the Holiday Camp is “Magic in the Community”. As such, the summer event will underline the value of community and the ‘magic’ that occurs when people come together. What is more, visitors will have the opportunity to share and discuss the problems they face at a drop-in centre at the camp.

Although the event will take place in Randers Municipality, people from all over Denmark are welcome to participate and enjoy a stress-free holiday week. Commenting on this, Mayor of Randers Torben Hansen shared:

“It is fantastic news that we can once again welcome you to Holiday Camp in Randers. It will be a wonderful summer week with lots of fun activities and where people meet. So far, about 500 people from Randers and the surrounding area have participated in previous holiday camps, and we hope they do so again. And, at the same time, many have previously used the week to just stop by and join for a while. Everyone is welcome to join.”



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