Randers' new green and blue urban space Østervold, Source: Vandmiljø Randers on Facebook

Randers unveils new green and blue urban space

Randers unveils new green and blue urban space

It will feature a basin that will protect the city from the consequences of heavy rainfall

Randers Municipality is inviting all residents to an inauguration party on 16 August where they can celebrate the completion of the city’s new green and blue urban space, Østervold. After 8 months of work, the Danish city is proud to present the changes it has made to the centre and the new opportunities it has created for its inhabitants.

Østervold will have a special feature

The municipality has collaborated with Vandmiljø (Aquatic Environment) Randers to construct and install a rainwater basin in this novel space. The motive behind its creation was to protect the city and ensure that it can handle large amounts of water in the case of heavy rainfall.

This rainwater basin will be surrounded by plants, wooden terraces, and residential areas. Taking these features into account, Østervold will be a beautiful space where Randers’ residents can gather – especially during the warm summer days.

Discussing the rainwater basin, the Director of Vandmiljø Peter Christensen warns inhabitants not to go into its water. Even though it may look inviting, the basin has been created with one function in mind: to purify water. More specifically, the purifying pool will be used to clean the water before allowing it to flow into the fjord.

It follows then, that Randers’ residents must keep the basin clean. As such, Christensen asks everyone to take care of the new urban space by using the provided bins and avoiding the water.

Positive feedback

In a press release, the municipality shared that the project has already been very well received. Expanding on this, Christensen disclosed that during the construction of the urban space, residents have randomly stopped to express their satisfaction with the project.

“I look forward to us officially inaugurating the new Østervold. The new green and blue urban space is a significant change in the city centre, which has already been very well received. I can well understand that. It has become a beautiful urban space,” said Mayor of Randers Torben Hansen.



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