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Renovated Vaidila Square in Klaipėda opens to the public

Renovated Vaidila Square in Klaipėda opens to the public

The nearby buildings also await reconstruction

Vaidila Square, the reconstructed public space in Klaipėda is now fully open to residents and guests of the Lithuanian port city. Yesterday, the last fences were removed from the site, and the dancing fountain was turned on. 

The square at the intersection of Taikos Avenue and Paris Komunos Street has changed beyond recognition. New recreation areas, green spaces, a stage, a children's playground have been created there, and a new section of the bicycle path connecting Taikos Avenue and Ąžuolynas grove runs along the square.

“We strive to make room for as many cosy recreation areas as possible in Klaipeda, and not only in the Old Town and the city centre, but also near apartment blocks. We hope that Vaidila Square is getting a new lease of life after the reconstruction. During the implementation of the project, new, high-quality recreation spaces were created, but not at the expense of the authenticity of this place. For example, the restored sculpture group “Vaidila, Aitvaras and Bildukas” adorns the fountain,” says Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas, as quoted by the city website.

Reconstruction of adjoining buildings

The cost of the reconstruction project is EUR 1.7 million. The city government hopes that in the future, private initiatives will help renovate some of the buildings near the square, the former Vaidila Cinema among them.

The owners of the building are giving thumbs up to this proposal. Apart from the iconic movie house, one of the nearby apartment buildings is also slated for renovation, which will give the place a new quality look.  

The renovation of the pedestrian and bicycle path near the square, which runs from 15 January street to Kauno Street (along Taikos Ave.) nears completion, contributing to the opportunities for active travel in the area.



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