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Repurposed e-bus batteries supply Gothenburg homes with energy

Repurposed e-bus batteries supply Gothenburg homes with energy

The project involving Volvo Buses and Stena Property is viewed as a step towards circular economy in e-mobility

Using discontinued batteries from electric buses for subsequent energy storage with the aim of providing energy to households is an exciting option bordering on sci-fi. But this is exactly what Volvo, the leading Swedish car manufacturer, is doing in Gothenburg’s Fyrklövern residential complex.

The project, implemented in cooperation with Stena Property and Stena Recycling’s subsidiary BatteryLoop, promises to be a step towards circular economy in e-mobility, opening new commercial vistas for interested companies.

It is not a complicated procedure from a technical viewpont. Solar panels, installed on roofs in Stena Property’s Fyrklövern residential buildings, will charge the reused Volvo bus batteries.  Then the electricity stored in them will be utilized in laundries, outdoor lighting and other public areas in the residential complex. And when the batteries’ charging capacity comes to an end, they will be sent for recycling to Stena Recycling.

“Reuse of the batteries from our buses gives them a second life, allowing us to use resources in a better way while at the same time reducing our climate impact,” said Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses, quoted by Intelligent Transport. “Electromobility creates new circular business systems and it is rewarding to work with Stena Property and Stena Recycling to develop this new business”.

Sustainable housing

A similar project with several partners, including Volvo Buses, is underway in the Viva residential area in Gothenburg.

The Riksbyggen Brf Viva sustainable housing project has received several awards, including the Environmental Building of the Year from Sweden Green Building Awards 2019.

Library on wheels

As it turns out, Volvo e-buses can provide not only energy to people but disseminate knowledge as well. Gothenburg City Library has just ordered two Volvo 7900 Electric buses to replace the two mobile libraries currently operating in and around the city.

The buses will be delivered in July 2020 and they will visit 70 mobile library stops and 110 preschools along their route. The bus interiors which will be furnished by the Finnish company Kiitikori OY, will contain not only bookshelves, but also spaces for children and adults to meet.

Volvo sells electric buses to cities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, the UK, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This enviable market reach ensures that the company will not run out of batteries, or ideas, anytime soon.



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