Campaign poster that reads: "Finally stop being afraid for your loved ones", Source: City of Pilsen

'Return to normalcy': A touching campaign to persuade Pilsen’s residents to get vaccinated

'Return to normalcy': A touching campaign to persuade Pilsen’s residents to get vaccinated

The city is using powerful slogans and illustrations to remind people that they will once again be able to experience happiness and intimacy

The Czech city of Pilsen has launched a moving campaign to persuade its residents to get the COVID vaccine. In a recent survey, Pilsen found that 48% of people are open to the idea of getting vaccinated. Thus, the aim of this new campaign is to help convince those who are hesitant or undecided in order to increase the percentage.

'Return to normalcy'

To appeal to the emotions of its residents, Pilsen has chosen the theme of a "return to normalcy". Taking this further, the campaign’s motif revolves around #konecnespolecne (#finallytogether) to remind people that we can go back to the lives we had before the pandemic.

Pilsen’s residents will be able to see touching illustrations and powerful slogans from this campaign on social media, billboards, and bus stops. Some examples of these include:

  • An illustration of a homemade cake with the slogan "Finally spending time with the grandchildren".
  • An illustration of the young and elderly with the slogan "Finally stop being afraid for your loved ones".

In addition to the above, there are slogans referring to our ability to finally attend cultural events and touch the people who are dear to us.

Promote vaccinations

According to a press release on the municipality’s website, Mayor Martin Baxa commented: "The extraordinary situation in which the inhabitants of our city and the whole of the Czech Republic have been living for more than a year is very demanding and mentally demanding and endangers many citizens not only in terms of health, but also in terms of existence.

Teachers, cultural and sports actors, operators of restaurants, tourist destinations or shops can no longer fully operate, Pilsen streets are empty and deserted, people cannot meet, children lack contacts with peers. We are convinced that the starting point for this situation is vaccination, which is why we support it, and therefore we will strengthen communication with the public in this regard."

By reminding its people of the happiness and intimacy they can experience once again, Pilsen hopes to increase the percentage of those who are willing to get vaccinated. In doing so, it will ensure that we can soon return to normal.

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