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Rijeka supports entrepreneurs with new virtual incubation programme

Rijeka supports entrepreneurs with new virtual incubation programme

It seeks to promote economic growth and development by supporting new and aspiring businesspeople

On 13 August, the Croatian City of Rijeka announced that it will now support entrepreneurs and economic development in a new way. More specifically, the Rijeka Development Agency Porin will allow all new and aspiring businesspeople to seek assistance and participate in a Virtual Incubation Programme.

What will this programme offer?

As its name suggests, the Virtual Incubation Programme will target entrepreneurs who do not require a physical space in order to run their business. These individuals will now be able to apply for a programme that teaches them how to grow and realise their dreams.

For a period of 1-5 years, the selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive assistance in creating a business plan, finding sources of financing, and networking. In addition to this, they will receive individual business consulting services and access to infrastructure such as co-working spaces.

It is important to highlight that the Virtual Incubation Programme will also allow participants to choose further education from other similar programmes such as the Post-Incubation and Acceleration Programme. Moreover, they will be able to receive training in the following subjects of their choice:

  • Management of goals and priorities;
  • Business models and business planning;
  • How to create a business plan;
  • Development of project ideas;
  • Project applications to EU funds;
  • Marketing of products and services;
  • Business negotiation strategies and tactics;
  • Negotiation;
  • Business internationalisation;
  • Intellectual property management.

Promoting economic growth and development

The City of Rijeka reportedly began implementing such programmes in 1996. Since then, it has supported countless entrepreneurs, giving them the assistance that they need to establish successful and profitable businesses. With time, the incubator programmes have changed and become available to a wider group of individuals.

Taking a case in point, the Virtual Incubation Programme is open to people who have not yet established a business but wish to do so. Such individuals can submit a pre-application where they state their intentions of starting a company.

By supporting such programmes, the City of Rijeka supports the growth of local businesses. In turn, it invests in its economic growth and development.



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