Rimac Campus, Source: Rimac Automobili

Rimac unveils designs for its 200-million-euro campus in Croatia

Rimac unveils designs for its 200-million-euro campus in Croatia

The new headquarters will be completed by 2023

On 12 April, the Croatian EV hypercar manufacturer and technology specialist Rimac Automobili announced its design plans for its new headquarters. Construction on the 200-million-euro Rimac Campus is expected to begin this year and finish by 2023.

On its website, Rimac Automobili is described as "one of the automotive industry’s rising stars". As such, it is not surprising that this company wants to create a unique campus that sets it apart from the rest. Although the company currently has around 1,000 employees and is still completing the development of its second car, it has remarkable plans for its bright future.

Taking this further, the new campus will cover an area of 200,000 m2 and become the workplace of 2,500 employees. What is more, as the built area is expected to cover 100,000 m2, the design plans allow for the future expansion of the company.

What will the campus feature?

The Croatian architecture firm 3LHD was tasked with designing Rimac’s new site. In keeping with the brand’s values and ambitions, 3LHD designed a sustainable, state-of-the-art campus. As you might expect, Rimac’s headquarters will not be an ordinary workplace.

Rimac Automobili shared that, in addition to all the spaces necessary to produce its vehicles, the campus will feature a museum and kindergarten. There will also be an organic food production site and farm animals such as sheep. Moreover, the Rimac Campus will feature an urban "swamp", meadows, and a rooftop garden.

To make it even more special, 3LHD has designed accommodation "pods" where visitors will be able to stay overnight. Of course, the comfort and satisfaction of Rimac’s employees have also been considered as the new campus will house a restaurant, gym, game room, and staff relaxation lounges.

The top priority of the project was to create the best possible working environment for our employees and to allow visitors and the public to enjoy the space and mix with Rimac employees. The campus is our springboard to the growth plans we have over the next decade and beyond, strengthening us as niche hypercar maker, a leading Tier 1 supplier of electric performance technology to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and an early mover in the worlds of autonomy and mobility,” shared CEO and Founder Mate Rimac.

As one can see in the gallery above, the designs for the Rimac Campus perfectly reflect the brand and its ambitions as the new site will be one that is innovative, unique, and exciting.



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