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Romanian counties Satu Mare and Brăila to improve water conditions with EU funding

Romanian counties Satu Mare and Brăila to improve water conditions with EU funding

357 million euros investment to modernise water networks

Two Romanian counties, Satu Mare and Brăila, will receive 357 million euros in funding from the Cohesion Fund. This was decided and approved by the European Commission yesterday and the investment will help expand and modernise the water and wastewater systems in the districts.

The counties will focus on improving drinking water production, reducing sewage leaks and improving wastewater services. The funding will not only help develop the local economy but will also ensure compliance with EU Directives for drinking water quality and wastewater treatment. The Drinking Water Directive aims to protect human health from adverse effects of any contamination of water intended for human consumption by ensuring cleanness.

“EU Cohesion policy is also about protecting and improving the quality of the most valuable good we have: water. An expanded and modernised water and wastewater infrastructure will improve access to water, reduce soil and water pollution and help protect biodiversity. By improving the security of water and contributing to a healthier population and environment, these projects will improve local population’s living conditions,” said Elisa Ferreira, the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, as quoted on the European Commission’s website.

Improving wastewater systems and water distribution

In the Satu Mare region, it is planned to expand the water distribution network by 260 km. Another 450 km will be added to the wastewater systems. Furthermore, old pipes need to be replaced and new wells, treatment plants, pumping stations and storage tanks are to be constructed.

In Brăila county, the investment is planned to improve the functions and maintenance of water and wastewater systems after three previous projects. There are four water-supply systems and 14 agglomerations in the county that need improvement and development.

The new funding will additionally lead to a supervisory and control system that will increase the quality of service to consumers and reduce costs for the beneficiaries.

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