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Romanian universities join forces to open international AI research centre

Romanian universities join forces to open international AI research centre

The collaboration between the Polytechnic University, the Medical University and the Theatre and Cinematography University offers a broad spectrum of academic expertise, that can result in amazing AI breakthroughs

Yesterday, the Polytechnic University of Bucharest inaugurated the city’s new International Centre for Artificial Intelligence. The AI Centre is a project born from the collaboration between the Polytechnic University, the ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, the ‘IL Caragiale’ National University of Theatre and Cinematography and the Technical University of the Republic of Moldova.

Furthermore, the project is under the auspices of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, as it is supposed to offer opportunities for interdisciplinary research in the field of AI. The new centre will be open to both academics and private companies and it aims to boost research and innovation and future technologies in Romania.

New technology is on the rise

With the addition of the new International Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Romania hopes to accelerate the rate of high-tech software innovations. Moreover, it should allow the country to become an important player in the field, boosting European AI competitiveness.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming more important for all industries, especially when numerous businesses are moving online. However, last year only 7% of EU companies with at least 10 employees used some sort of AI application.

Nevertheless, that number is growing and according to information by Polytechnic University, it is expected to reach 33.2% in the next six years. The global market value of AI, on the other hand, is expected to reach an estimated value of around 170 billion euros in the next three years.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation

The AI centre will investigate the application possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in a wide range of fields. They include medical applications, education, robotics, cybersecurity, as well as support to the industry in Romania - including through policy formulation.

The rector of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Mihnea Costoiu was quoted by Agerpress, a Romanian press agency, saying that Romania needs an AI Centre to boost innovation and improve on what the new technology has to offer for society.

At the same time, the rector of the National University of Theatre and Cinematography, Liviu Lucaci, explained that the arts, sciences and technology can now help each other for the benefit of mankind, by developing the next steps in technology.

He continued by emphasising the importance of the International AI Centre as an academic institution, as that would allow it to focus on projects that can give back to society.



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