Rome celebrates 150 years as the Italian capital in 2021

Rome celebrates 150 years as the Italian capital in 2021

The authorities are issuing a special postage stamp to mark the occasion

Rome – the Eternal City. To many, it is more of a symbol of ancient history than simply an administrative unit given that its history goes back more than 2700 years. One thing is sure, throughout its tumultuous existence it has never stopped being a centre of radiating importance and influence which extended far beyond its limits.

Being the capital of unified Italy is only its latest role in that story and that status turns 150 this year. Official celebrations started a year ago in 2020 and they are meant to end on 3 February this year – the official date of proclamation – with the issuing of a commemorative postage stamp, as was announced by the official website of the municipal government.

Rome is so astounding that it is the only city in the world to be the capital seat of two sovereign states

Italy was already a unified country in 1870 but the jewel was missing from the crown, that is the city of Rome was under papal suzerainty and thus was not included. The truth is given its prestige, history and status, and whether it is 1871 or 2021, no other city in Italy had the allure and grandiosity that matched Rome. So, the troops of the Italian king Vittorio Emmanuelle II marched on the city and took it over from the Papal troops, though they did not take the Papal Palace.

“On February 3, 1871, Rome was indicated as the capital of the Italians. We want to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this fact also with the issue of a dedicated stamp, with the theme of "The civic sense". On this occasion I would like to thank all those who wanted to carry out this initiative which is the result of a perfect synergy between the Capitol and the Ministry of Economic Development,” said Mayor Virginia Raggi.

Up until 1929, things stayed ambiguous between the Popes and the secular governments when an accord was signed that recognized the existence of two sovereign states on the territory of Rome: Italy and the Vatican (or the Holy See as it is officially known) – another mark of uniqueness for the Eternal City.

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